Show dates have been set and Judges are being put in place.  We will be hosting 4 Singe Judge shows this year.   May 4     June 15     September 14      October 12

Ranch classes are really the "BIG DEAL" this year.  We have several Ranch classes on our schedule including Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail and Ranch Conformation.   We also have lots of Walk Trot classes - not just for the little ones! 

Adult walk trot classes are great for those adults not comfortable enough to canter.  We also have a youth (11 - 18 yr old) walk/trot class for those kids who may have just started riding; or perhaps have an injury to themselves or their horse that they need to work through.  Whatever the reason, Walk Trot classes are a big draw.  We offer walk/trot classes in all divisions (Hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, western pleasure, horsemanship and all the games classes).


Invite your friends to come join in the fun.   Every show is an OPEN TO ALL BREEDS show with $5.00 entry fees for open riders.   Open Riders do not qualify for APHC or AApHC points.  

Spots in the News .

We offer a family friendly place to show your Appaloosa but we also encourage horse owners of any type to show with us.  In 2013 the Appaloosa Horse Club made changes to help small clubs have more successful shows.  The decision was made that all SINGLE JUDGE shows would have every class as an OPEN CLASS.  All of our shows for 2019 will be SINGLE JUDGED shows so every class we offer is OPEN TO ALL BREEDS.  Entry fees are $5.00 per class for non- appaloosa breeds.  Open Exhibitors are not eligible for Appaloosa Horse Club points or for Arkansas Appaloosa Horse Club year end awards.  We offer a large slate of classes including beginning jumper, halter, Hunter under Saddle, Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship and Trail.  For 2019 we have added some fun new classes Including Performance Halter, Ranch Horse Pleasure and Ranch Horse Trail and Youth Walk Trot.  

Notes for Appaloosa Horse Club Members: 

Non-Pro and Novice Youth members

You can now check your NOVICE STATUS status by going to Click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership and Novice Eligibility Here”. Enter your membership number and click “Submit” for a list of classes in which you are eligible to show in the novice division.Be sure to check your status after January 15, 2019 to verify your eligibility for 2019 Novice classes! The records indicated on this list include only the points and titles earned in ApHC-approved or ApHC-sponsored competitions. If you have earned points in excess of the limits listed below or have earned any National or World titles with any other equine breed association, you are expressly denied the ability to compete as a novice non-pro and/or novice youth (in that specific class). Eligibility listings on this record do not guarantee novice eligibility if points and/or titles earned with another breed association eliminate you from eligibility.  Remember to print a copy of your listing in order to present to show officials at any ApHC-approved show that you attend in 2019. 

Novice Non-Pro eligibility:  In order to be eligible to show in novice non-pro classes, the non-pro must have fewer than 20 points (including points earned in non-pro, novice non-pro, 35 & over non-pro, masters non-pro, youth and novice youth divisions) in that class in the ApHC and/or any other breed association as of January 1 of the current year and must not have won an ApHC non-pro National or World title.

Novice Youth Eligibility:

To be eligible to show in a novice youth class, the youth, as of January 1 of the current year, shall have earned less than a combined total of 20 points in the ApHC and/or any other breed organization –approved or –sponsored shows in the group of youth and novice youth classes that count toward determining novice eligibility in each of the five novice youth classes, excluding walk-trot, lead line, hunter in hand and halter. The youth must not have won an ApHC youth National or World title or title in any other equine breed association (beginning 1/1/1998) in that class to remain eligible. Youth may be ineligible for one class (based on points or titles earned) but may still be eligible to compete in other novice youth classes. 

Are you a Youth age 18 years and under?

Visit the ApHC’s Youth Page! It’s full of great information horses and the ApHC Youth Program. Click this link: ApHC Novice